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Walk Locations by Date

Below are the planned sites for the FAAN Walk for Food Allergy as listed by date. Registration is open for the sites with links. Locations without links will be open for registration once details are confirmed.

The locations are listed in chronological order by date. You may also view the Walk sites in alphabetical order by state.

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Tucson, AZ 03/10/2012
Cincinnati, OH 04/28/2012
Orlando, FL 04/28/2012
Newark, DE 05/19/2012
Buffalo, NY 08/11/2012
Denver, CO 08/12/2012
Indianapolis, IN 08/18/2012
Rogers, AR 08/25/2012
Morgantown, WV 09/08/2012
Houston, TX 09/08/2012
Minneapolis, MN
Long Branch, NJ 09/08/2012
Albany, NY 09/15/2012
Kansas City, KS 09/15/2012
Philadelphia Area - Pennsauken, NJ 09/15/2012
Pittsburgh, PA 09/16/2012
Nashville, TN 09/16/2012
Austin, TX 09/22/2012
Lansing, MI 09/22/2012
Northern Virginia, VA 09/22/2012
Baltimore, MD 09/23/2012
Boston, MA 09/23/2012
Columbus, OH 09/23/2012
Charlotte, NC 09/29/2012
Portland, ME 09/29/2012
Triangle Area, NC 09/29/2012
Chicago, IL 09/30/2012
Seattle, WA 09/30/2012
Detroit, MI 10/06/2012
Las Vegas, NV 10/06/2012
Salt Lake City, UT 10/06/2012
Miami, FL 10/07/2012
Milford, CT 10/07/2012
Westchester, NY 10/13/2012
California Bay Area 10/13/2012
Lincoln, NE 10/14/2012
Atlanta, GA 10/14/2012
Long Island, NY 10/14/2012
Los Angeles, CA 10/21/2012
Ridgewood, NJ 10/21/2012
San Diego, CA
Tampa, FL 11/10/2012
Virginia Beach, VA 11/10/2012
Dallas, TX 11/17/2012
Phoenix-Tempe, AZ 12/01/2012

If there is not a FAAN Walk for Food Allergy in your area, then select Alexander's Home Town, the online walk, as your location.

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